Press Release: The Outcomes of Consultative Meeting on Draft of Regulations and Procedure for the Election of Members of the National Assembly

The National Election Committee (NEC) has received fruitful recommendations from 10 institutions after a full-day open meeting today.

            The closing session was held under presidency of H.E Mr. Nuth Sokhom, NEC Vice-chairman, NEC Members, along with NEC  Secretary General, NEC Deputy Secretary Generals, and all stakeholders.  NEC Vice-chairman summarized the recommendations raised during the consultation meeting as the followings:

1.      Recommendations of Japanese Side

- Requesting to add more annexes and various forms into the Procedure and Regulations for the Election of Members of the National Assembly (PREMNA) and publicize and post them on NEC's website at the same time.

- Raising 3 main principles including:

  • Neutrality including the roles and duties of the village chiefs, utilization of State resources in the electoral process, and paid day-off for workers/employees to cast vote on Election Day;
  • Reducing invalid ballot papers by using voting stamp on ballot papers to cast vote, voter education to educate voters to know how to tick on ballot papers, producing voter educational materials and documents for voters on ballot papers ticking, and precisely defining invalid ballot papers;
  • Election management including permitting voters to stand in the inner perimeter of the ballot counting stations in order to observe vote counting, modifying vote counting minute (Form 1102) by shortening some contents and instruction put in place to the Election Station Commission (ESC) about completing the minute of vote counting (Form 1102) properly (avoiding pre-signing on Form 1102) and requesting for cooperation and providing cooperation with all stakeholders to demonstrate the transparency of NEC and the use of forms and images of preliminary results proclamation;

- Reducing reserved ballot printing used in elections;

- Reviewing and considering sanctions on any group or a person who causes any political

party to lose its seats;

2.    Recommendations of the General Secretariat of the Senate

- Raising some spelling and phrase issues and some errors occurred in PREMNA;

- Raising legal aspects of the electoral law and some technical aspects of PREMNA;

3. COMFREL's Recommendations

- Requesting for voting stamp on the ballot paper, instead of pen-ticking on ballot papers to reduce the number of invalid ballot papers;

- Requesting NEC to maintain the mechanism of preliminary election result proclamation by posting the vote counting minutes (Form 1102) from the polling stations on the NEC website and keeping for long term use;

- Reviewing and considering the establishment of Investigation and Research Commission on Complaints in collaboration with the competent authorities;

- Reviewing the complaint handling form, clearly stating the reasonable grounds and legal fact NEC has used for decision (Form 1203) to make sure that the complainant is satisfied.

                 4. NICFEC's Recommendations

-Supporting NEC's mechanism for preparing all existing standard legal documents  regarding electoral work;

- Requesting for reduction of the number of reserved ballot papers from 20% to 5% of the number of printed ballot papers;

- Requesting for precise clarification on authorization for voters observing vote counting at ballot counting stations;

- Requesting NEC to notify the publics clearly of the mechanism of preliminary election results proclamation in case of any technical errors.

5. Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO)'s Recommendations

- Expressing thanks for collaboration established between NEC and CDPO;

- Requesting NEC to include the point that all persons with disabilities can ask for assistance from the Polling Station Commission officials to cast their vote on Election Day into the PREMNA.

6. Recommendations of Grassroot Democracy Party

- Requesting for voting stamp used on ballot papers instead of pen ticking on  ballot papers;

- Clearly defining the mechanism of election result management in all electoral phases;

- Considering on foreigners who are not allowed to vote even if they hold Khmer National Identity Card.

7. Recommendations of Cambodian People's Party

- Request for a resolution with regard to defining a sign of supporting vote on ballot papers because every election always meets the problem with whether the ballot paper is determined as valid or not at the polling station where the political party's agents always complain. NEC may consider any option or method to use electronic devices (a pen that can be pressed to mark a sign of supporting vote);

- Raising the use of Cambodian National Identity Card by giving comment to NEC to use Cambodian National Identity Card for election work only.

8. Arunrhea's Recommendations

- Supporting the mechanism of NEC, in collaboration with JICA, organizing Consultation Meeting on PREMNA with participation from all parties involved in the election;

- Requesting for a thorough explanation of marking a sign of supporting a political party on ballot papers;

            With regard to recommendations by 10 ministries/institutions provided to NEC with all recommendations raised in this time, the General Secretariat of NEC as well as the Coordination Commission of the Meeting has clarified to the relevant stakeholders earlier in their jurisdiction to enable stakeholders to be aware of some technical work of NEC. H.E Mr. Nuth Sokhom said, "I, representing NEC and the presidency in this closing session, I would like to emphasize that every good recommendations of Your Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen provided, NEC will review and finalize them after the today consultative meeting before NEC approves the Regulations and Procedure officially. I firmly believe that all recommendations of Your Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen, are important inputs NEC can take into account and make modification to enhance the election process to be free, fair and transparent. "

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