Press Release More than 84% of Population Are Registered ​in the Official Voter Lists 2017

After having updated voter lists, voters registration in 2017 and resolved complaints, the National Election Committee (NEC) has organized a stakeholder dissemination meeting on validation and display of official voter lists 2017 at NEC conference room under presidency of H.E. Mr. HEL SARATH, NEC Member and Chair of the meeting.
H.E. Mr. HEL SARATH said that voter lists update and voters registration 2017, which lasted 70 days from 01 September 2017 to 09 November 2017, was conducted well, safely and successfully including:

  • 536,674 new voters were registered
  • 21, 671 voters’ names were removed from the voter lists due to duplication, death and residence moving
  • 5,572 people requested for adjusting the name and data

He also continued that after resolving complaints and objections, voter lists update and voters registration have officially achieved the following results:

  • 8, 380, 217 voters, equivalent to 84.80% (eighty four point eighty per cent) have been registered in comparison to estimated number of 9, 882, 746 voters aged at least 18 years old; moreover, 4, 470, 864 voters registered in voter lists 2017 are women
  • There are 22, 967 polling stations nationwide

It is noticed that stakeholders have attended this meeting include representatives of the Constitutional Councils, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Information, 08 NGOs, 08 political parties, representatives of Embassy of Japan, JICA experts, KOICA expert and 10 media agencies, a total of 60 participants.
National and international stakeholders have appreciated and applauded this official voter lists.
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